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Other functions

Lebi Analytics is much more than a simple encoding system, these are innovative functions, incredibly easy to use.


To better analyse your clippings, you can save in different categories.


You can compare according to different criteria and country.


Looking for a publication in a magazine? Nothing simpler, just perform a search based on your criteria. You can even do a search on a product standard!


You can export the various clippings in PDF format. This will be a complete table with the different figures. You can also export in Excel format


You will receive a summary of the different publications encoded in the system. For example, once per month you can receive new publications in Belgium.


Lebi Analytics is designed to work on any type of device. This is very useful when you go to an appointment in your PR agencies because you can display the results instantly.

Lebi Showroom

Manage your showroom in an innovative way! Don’t waste your journalist/blogger/stylist loans any longer. Lebi Showroom is amazingly simple and highly efficient.

If the contract is signed in 2016 and starts in the year 2017, the client receives 3 months for free. Contract of 24 months minimum and automatically extended for the same period unless terminated by the client.

Plans built for every one



Countries available for encoding



Countries available for encoding



Countries available for encoding



Countries available for encoding

Contract of 24 months minimum and automatically extended for the same period unless terminated by the client. A 10% discount is given if the client opts for an annual payment.


Does Lebi Analytics have a Media Plan ?

Yes, you can integrate your investments and Lebi Analytics will perform a complete analysis of your editorial feedback.

Can I export the information in Lebi Analytics ?

Yes you can export in Adobe PDF and Microsoft Excel format.

Is Lebi Analytics compatible with mobile devices ?

Yes, Lebi Analytics is compatible with all devices (Tablets, smartphones, computers).

Is there a classification system in Lebi Analytics ?

Yes your clippings are classified in categories and seasons. It will be arranged with the client.

What support can I get ?

Permanent support is available by e-mail via fhccbeg@yrov-nanylgvpf.pbz. We respond within 24 hours on average. The client can subscribe to specific support (price on request).

For more information, please contact us. We can also do a demonstration in your offices.